The Animal Show

Announcing!  The Children’s Book Illustrators Guild of MN (aka CBIG ) has published a member-illustrated  Collection of Classic Nursery Rhymes, volume 1.

My page:  The Animal Show!

Now available on

Animal Show 300 17.25x11.25 copytype

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Happy Birthday, Mom!

My mom has driveway on a state highway that is very easy to pass.  I know where I’m going,  yet I manage to drive right past it almost every time I visit.  It’s also rather difficult to simply turn around an go back.  The safest opportunity to do so is about a mile down the road.   SO….this year for her birthday, I made this nifty, yet sparkly, practical address plaque. I’ll never blast past her house again!

another view address plaqueMom has received many ‘art projects’ over the years.  It doesn’t matter if I am 5 or 50, she still likes to be given stuff that I’ve made.  Happy Birthday!


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Fabulous Friday February Flowers

Fabulous Friday February Flowers…….Say that three times fast!

Fabulous Friday February Flowers…Fabulous Friday February Flowers….Fabulous Friday February Flowers…

Or, just look at them.


Flower card 2 ink 1

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One more…

I have one more illustrated corny joke…..


What did the green grape say to the purple grape?  grapes - blog






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Corny Jokes, Part 2

I have another corny joke:

How do snails settle their differences?   slugging-it-out-blog

Give up??



They SLUG it out.

(Of course, this only applies to snails.)

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Wakka! Wakka!

I’m so lucky, as I have kids who have a great sense of humor.  The other night at dinner, they were rapid-firing stupid jokes.  This one struck me as being particularly funny, and therefore, the inspiration for today’s post.  Ready…..

What did one snowman say to the other?

snowmen - color  blog-1


What smells like carrots out here??


Fozzy Bear would be proud.

Wakka! Wakka!

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Merry Christmas from Mr. and Mrs. Ginger

Mr. and Mrs. Ginger

Mr. and Mrs. Ginger

This was one of my favorite Holiday greeting cards that I did several years back.  I’ve had it in my portfolio for quite awhile, but with the recent updates to my website, Mr. and Mrs. Ginger are now retired.   They wish you Merry Christmas, Warm Holiday Greetings and Peace and Prosperity in the upcoming New Year!

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